Girls Night In

Be a champ and win your way into the LIPS National Championship! Read on.


Mondays at 6:30pm PST are the regular games!!. We will be playing on the Poker Stars HOME GAMES section with Luvin Poker. (This is the FREE side of *Poker Stars) This is what you need to do to play…
Join the poker club in advance. The first time you join a club, membership needs to be approved. Do not wait until game time.  *If you have Poker Stars on your computer already, simply skip step 1 and go to step 2.
1.) Please download Stars (if you haven’t already) You must use the name you always had there if you had a Poker Stars account.
2.) Go to the Home Games tab. “Join a Poker Club”. Invitation Code is Luv2play and the Club ID is 819773.
3.) Wait to be approved. Then 24 hours before game time you’ll be able to register to play! Hope to see you in our games!!

We host games every Monday. Right now these games will be for fun and bragging rights only.

Monthly Leaderboard!!! The top 10 each month will receive prizes. So, the more you play, the better your chances of winning a prize.

The first place winner each month will be crowned the GNI champ for that month and we’ll post a cool little trophy for bragging rights. This is going to be very tough ladies, so even though its play chips, you know how competitive these games are.

Jen will do her best to get scores up the evening of the game, if not then for sure the next day. Good luck!

Tournament of Champions!!! This tournament will be held simultaneously during our first January game after the last December winner has qualified. The winner of the Tournament of Champions will receive a $250 LIPS National Championship seat for courtesy of LIPS and Lupe Soto!

Results and Leaderboard can be found here:

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