2018 LIPS National Championship Results

Thank you all for participating in our record breaking National Championship!  We have had larger fields over the years, but none larger than this for our National Championship.  Thank you to the Orleans Casino and the Management & Tournament Team for a well run series! You’re the best!

Congratulations to Sandy Kasinowicz for taking the title for being the chip leader when the 5-way chop took place.  Sandy is living in Texas with her family and has been a LIPS player from the beginning of the tour! Nice job Sandy!

“It’s about time after 15 years playing this event!” Said Sandy. We couldn’t be prouder of her for her win!

And congratulations to the other 62 players who took home CASH for their efforts!!

2018 $250 LIPS National Championship
502 Entries
Orleans Casino
1st Sandy Kasinowicz 10,544
2nd Candyce Samples 10,544
3rd Maria Hagood 10,544
4th Elizabeth Ouellette 10,544
5th Elenor Wheeler 10,544
6th Devona Cole 4,548
7th Bonnie Carl 3,464
8th Swati Mehta 2,661
9th Huayi Zheng 2,008
10th Lisa Shelton 1,506
11th Tracy Rouse 1,506
12th Deborah Worley-Roberts 1,506
13th Julie Freer 1,155
14th Heather Beecher 1,155
15th Tamara Bremner 1,155
16th April Beard 984
17th Marylouise Martin 984
18th Natalie Hof 984
19th Chelsea Catsburg 853
20th Trigger Sharrol Seagal 853
21st Janaina Riego Azevedo 853
22nd June Jenkins 733
23rd Jeri Polen 733
24th Kathleen Gale 733
25th Shelamay Jovakowski 622
26th Megan Milburn 622
27th Margaret Dale 622
28th Debra Gardner 562
29th Jacqueline Pennington 562
30th Katharine Hartree 562
31st Chellie Campbell 562
32nd Debra McCravey 562
33rd Suzzane Seplow 562
34th Morgan Urbanovsky 562
35th Kathryn Trabert 562
36th Heather Hanoksi 562
37th Kristin Bunde 502
38th Patricia McMillan 502
39th Lori Mann 502
40th Wendy Wolf 502
41st Louise Jean 502
42nd Anne Marie Findlay 502
43rd Christine Hia 502
44th Lori Lindley 502
45th Kimberly Kilroy 502
46th Michelle Wei 452
47th Mariana Martinez 452
48th Katharina Soehren 452
49th Lisa Pickell 452
50th Sheila Stimson 452
51st Michelle Reidy 452
52nd Cathy Irwin 452
53rd Adisa Kruayatatidee 452
54th Susan Isaacs 452
55th Elizabeth Bennett-Martin 452
56th Susan Rhodes 452
57th Cortney Kennedy 452
58th Vickie Eubanks 452
59th Vivian Trugio 452
60th Frida Andersson 452
61st Deborah Burkhead 452
62nd Stephanie Miller 452
63rd Helen Jullien 452